‘Model Airplane Bomber’ False Flag Operation Misfires But Still Fools The Public

Rezwan Ferdaus

When I read on September 30 of the hoopla surrounding Rezwan Ferdaus, the 26 year old physics major arrested by the Effa Bee Eye two days earlier in Ashland, Massachusetts for allegedly planning…er, excuse me…plotting to attack the Pentagon and U.S. Capitol, I got hopping mad. Seriously, I was ready to whack some noses with a rolled-up newspaper at the very least.

The events of this past week, brought to us courtesy of Those People as I’ve taken to calling them (as did Robert E. Lee), were the latest round in the absurd parade of false flag operations that have been inflicted upon the American public in recent years. False flag ops, of course, are useful for administering a timely jolt of fear to help convince the populace to give up even more of their ever-dwindling rights in the name of ‘safety,’ a strategy that’s been tragically successful for quite a while now. This week we see yet another one, and this time they decided to play really dirty, besmirching the good name of something I very much care about: the hobby of aeromodelling, known simply as model airplane building to those uninitiated in the art. This incredibly lame operation might have been cooked up by Wile E. Coyote collaborating with Pinky and The Brain while they were all drunk on cheap Acme wine…only it wasn’t, it was just the Feds’ usual handiwork. It would almost be comical but for the way the consequences of this stunt will affect us, and believe me, it will get worse. Anyone else recall Saddam Hussein’s Drones of Death That Didn’t Exist?

Well, here we go again.

Reading the details of this Sinister Terrorist Plot, I knew right away that something was rotten in Denmark. I’ve always loved aviation and it’s been a major influence on my life since childhood. Long before I earned my private pilot certificate during my seventeenth summer, and after I was forced to retire from professional aviation by disability in 2006, right up to this day, the construction and flying of model aircraft has been a favorite pastime of mine. Seeing these goons attempt…and succeed at scaring people with my hobby disgusts me.

I’ve built plenty of model planes in my time. I know how they’re made, and I knew there was no way this ‘plot’ could have worked. Don’t worry, the F.B.I. knew it too. Here’s the way things are in the real world: radio controlled planes are simply stuffed with equipment just to power and guide them for normal flights lasting only a few minutes. The idea that these models had the room to ‘strap 25 (or 40, or 50 depending on which story you hear) pounds of C-4’ and additional electronics in or on them as some would have us believe is ludicrous. Even if some genius managed to shoehorn in all that stuff, if the plane managed to fly at all with that much excess weight aboard it would be nothing short of miraculous. Only by cynically massaging the numbers could we see a report that they were able to “carry 40 to 50 pounds of payload” and “fly on autopilot, at a speed of up to 160 miles per hour, to a target defined by GPS coordinates” as Slate breathlessly tells us. Yoo-hoo, boys, that kind of equipment is not available to the public through hobby retailers…or to anyone else who doesn’t hang out at DARPA labs, Langley, or the F.B.I. headquarters in D.C.

Sad to say, lots of Americans only skimmed the story before they bought right into it. Had they actually read the various reports, they’d have seen that this chump Ferdaus was intercepted by the Feds back in December of 2010 by agents supposedly armed with knowledge that he’d visited “jihadi websites.” According to the same Slate article, he “met an ex-con “cooperating witness” in that same month, and then met two undercover FBI employees in March 2011. Uh huh. According to Fox 25 News in Boston, Ferdaus hardly had a nefarious criminal past; the worst criminal activity prior to this little escapade on his record was when Ferdaus and a couple of other students at Ashland High School poured concrete in front of 10 of the school’s doors as part of a “prank” in 2003. Fox continues, saying Ferdaus and his droogs were also accused of burning an American flag and vandalizing the school’s tennis court net.

Gee, what a menace to society! Sorry, but as far as I’m concerned this whole story simply reeks of the same ham-handed Fed meddling we’ve seen so many times before. They never seem to get better at concocting these put-up jobs, either, preferring to recycle the same tired Build-Your-Own-Terrorist manual every time. The Underwear Bomber, the wacky Christmas Tree Bomber and others that come to mind all seem to follow the same playbook.

Snooping, reading intercepted emails, and whatever else these tax eaters in suits do to amuse themselves, The FBI found another Generation Nothing loudmouth malcontent in Ferdaus, it seems. Once they’d insinuated themselves into his confidence, they could groom and goad him on, then help him acquire those planes. Do you seriously think a 26 year old living with his parents in suburbia just happened to have several thousand dollars lying around to cough up to purchase the aircraft? The choice of the planes bothers me, too. It sure looks like they were picked to impress the ignorant…anyone involved with the hobby can tell you there are plenty of much more suitable plane types for carrying a payload.

I’m convinced they were chosen for their scary fighter jet looks; almost every non-hobbyist who’s ever looked at a military model I’ve built, no matter how small, asks the same question: “Can it shoot its guns and drop bombs?” That’s because the average person thinks that if it looks scary, it must be scary. For those whose comments I’ve seen describing Ferdaus as an especially twisted specimen because the two planes we’ve seen in the photos are very well painted and decorated in U.S. military colors: relax, you scamps. It wasn’t a madman’a embellishment, these models are sold pre-finished by online retailers these days.


For all I know it’s even slightly possible that this Ferdaus might have thought he was simply in on some kind of elaborate practical joke, given his history of pranks. That might be a bit of a reach, but I think many people are aware that almost any conversation can be manipulated into something that sounds suspicious or dangerous, especially by someone who’s used to ginning up a good story even with only fragments to work with. None of that’s really relevant in any case…in just about every one of these concocted terrorist ‘plots’ the Feds choose a mark that would never have gotten past idly dreaming of sowing death and mayhem. Handy, isn’t it? They pick some loser with a big mouth and delusions of grandeur, turn on the charm and do whatever’s needed to pump up his ego, then provide whatever nasty goodies are required…usually fakes. Then all they need do for the last act is heroically step in and bust the guy, saving the day! On the planet I come from, that’s called ‘entrapment,’ kids. Entrapment has long been regarded as a very bad business by people with the education and experience to appreciate the dangers it poses to a free society for a very good reason: once a government accepts or even encourages its use, you can count on seeing it applied to a continually broadening range of ‘suspects.’

I’ve watched this same ploy work to enact a lot of bad laws with my own eyes over the years, and the cast of characters never varies. They start with someone as marginal as they can find, who has the right chip on his shoulder ready to be exploited. They talk the dumb slob into taking action at some point, an action he’d never have followed through with without all the manipulation from his handlers, arrest him very visibly and publicly, then ram it through the courts by any means necessary. Once that’s done, they now a precedent to refer back to in subsequent cases. Thoughtcrime has been officially recognized, and from there the sky’s the limit. Before long you can expect more and more people arrested as potential terrorists, not just scruffy Middle Eastern men, but wholly unremarkable average citizens…the original targets for increased government control if past events are any indicator.

Here’s the thing that few people consider: Did you ever notice that most of these dastardly terrorists’ acts usually involve ordinary everyday items that could be misused by someone violent or sociopathic? First it was boxcutters, then shoes, then small amounts of liquid. Then it was underwear, followed by firecrackers, propane, and now model airplanes. This is because the fearmongers know perfectly well what just about every sane person knows…even if these items could magically be used as death dealing terror weapons, they wouldn’t be, because it’s just plain wrong to do so. Think that’s an overly Pollyanna-ish view? I’d disagree.

Human society would never have gotten out of the Tigris and Euphrates River Valley if everyone was a dirty rotten scoundrel who attacks or kills others on impulse or just because of a sour disposition. Everyone has bad days and occasional violent thoughts, but we rely on each other not to act on them in a civil society, and we usually don’t. There are millions of human interactions every single day without the need for cameras snooping or drawn guns present to make sure everyone behaves. Of course there are criminals and sociopaths, but they’re few and far between, relatively speaking, and they’re the ones who need watching, not the millions of average folks who are just trying to get by and live their lives. If you accept the authoritarians’ scaremongering, you can believe almost any item is likely to be used to carry out terrorist plots, and from there it takes no great leap of the imagination to envision the day when everyone’s required to wear transparent clothing at all times to ‘protect’ us from the dreaded Phillips Screwdrivers Of Mass Destruction wielded by our neighbors.

That’s why the security theater and manufactured terrorists are needed to keep the public in a constant state of fear, ensuring not only pliant subjects, but those unlikely to see past the superficialities of whatever propaganda the ruling regime tosses them. If you can get people thinking there’s a bogeyman hiding in every closet or lurking under every bed, you’ll get no shortage of accommodating citizens ready to put up with all sorts of outrages because in the belief that they’re ‘safe’ while under surveillance.

They’ll watch the TSA looting their valuables. They’ll put up with sexual assault so common it’s cynically referred to as ‘gate rape,’ often a public humiliation ritual inflicted upon those who choose to opt out of the potentially dangerous and embarrassing ‘porno scanners,’ though there have been scads of reports of travelers subjected to being scanned simply because they were young, attractive women. Even when they’re submissive and deferential to those poking, inappropriately touching, scanning ‘officers,’ they’re still open to being screamed at, roughly handled or otherwise punished for daring to question any part of the ordeal.

If you’ve kept up with the news, you know these myrmidons have continually swelled their ranks not because of any actual terrorist attacks, but through the mere fear of these attacks, reinforced by these ongoing contrived false flag operations that have always been miraculously ‘defeated’ by the very agents who contrived them. They’ve moved beyond airports to bus stations, school proms, and railway depots.

Now, thanks to this latest nutty scheme cooked up by the Feds, we could soon see legions of blue polyester clad legions in every park, searching eagerly not just for deadly barbeque forks and lethal cans of lighter fluid to confiscate, but something far worse…the chance to to get their grubby mitts on my beloved model airplanes.

Copyright 2016 © by Glenn Horowitz, originally published 2012 in the American Daily Herald


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