First Road Trips Solo in the X-WAV!

Maybe it’s the steamy summer air getting to me even though I’m in my air conditioned home 99% of the time, but I have to confess I’ve been feeling mighty low for weeks.

I continued my adventures in driving in mid and late June to get up and back twice to meet with my new gunsmith Jeff Walle at the Guns And Leather store in Greenbrier TN, but only tonight did I finish putting the few hours of effort in needed to edit the 30 video clips I recorded during them with my GoPro camera into a coherent YouTube video.

Well, better late than never, eh? I’m pleased to present my latest KripKam video #9 for your perusal. This was the real stress test for me, not only driving myself on two short road trips in various types of traffic, but accomplishing several transfers between my power wheelchair and Athena’s driver’s seat plus toting my gear to and from Guns And Leather’s indoor range when the opportunity was presented to give both my repaired Ruger and my SP101 a workout, the latter with my friend Jason LeBlanc’s light range ammunition he handloaded for me.

These excursions wiped me out for a couple of days following each one, but were more than worth it. It was beyond gratifying to actually, finally, do the things I’ve wanted to for years, not to mention incredibly liberating, I must say!


2 thoughts on “First Road Trips Solo in the X-WAV!

  1. Hi Glenn,
    It’s so good to see you out! Glad this is working out for you! Tell your mom hello from me.

    Take care,

    • Thank you!

      It’s great to BE out, believe me. I’d be out even more but for this cussed fatigue. Even amped up with the Provigil alertness drug I use, a lot of days I’m still sub-par. Still, it makes the times I do get to doing things that much more valuable to me.

      I did drive myself out to the Stones River range a couple of Sundays ago and while tiring as always I had a fine time. I’m in far better circumstances than even a year ago…before I got Athena these trips were out of the question!

      Take care, best to Bruce 🙂


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