Yes, I CAN Still Drive-The Adventure Continues

I’m sure everyone who helped make Get Glenn Mobile! a success has been wondering “okay, you’ve got the wheelchair accessible vehicle you were after, but when are you gonna actually drive the thing?”

Well, if you’ve kept abreast of my progress, you know that after I took delivery of the Honda, I found out fast that it was harder than anticipated just transferring from my power chair to its driver’s seat, so I’ve been putting in the effort needed to build up the muscles required for the maneuver over the past 2-3 months. Also, since I have no intention of driving while impaired, I’ve had to taper off the amount of my daily intake of pain drugs to its current low level. I still need them when sitting around the house or getting comfortable enough to get to sleep, but I’ve been pleased to find that when I’m occupied with an activity I don’t notice the neuropathic pain nearly as much, so I can go for hours before it begins to eat at me, the window I need for driving safely.

I confess, I got to the physical level I needed to be a few weeks ago, but worry over just how much my overall condition and especially my right foot that’s used for the accelerator and brake might affect my driving kept me from taking the next step. The mind can be an odd thing, daunting your resolve by throwing unpleasant fantasies about what could go wrong at you…as mine was.

I got sick of allowing myself to stagnate when I knew that most of my concerns were just vapors. I’d already gone over every necessary task of driving and knew I could deal with any limitations safely. If I had any real doubts about my safe operation on the road I’d have resigned myself to permanent passenger status by now, being neither dumb nor reckless enough to risk any innocent lives, my fancy vehicle, or my own skin, in order of importance.

So, on Friday, May 23, 2014 I told the chattering doom-monkey in my brain to shut up, got a good sleep, ate and got down to business. Here are the results, recorded in my new Krip Kam video #8 for your consideration. It’s not terribly exciting, but that was kinda the goal: to show my old habits were sound and I could drive just as competently as ever. I hope you like Krip Kam #8, Driving!


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