Gone Shootin!’

Well, as usual my annoying low energy level has been slowing me down of late, but I finally got the video assembled, edited and published that I’ve been talking about for the past couple of weeks of the trip to the nearby Stones River shooting range. I’ve been pining to burn some ammo for ages, especially since I’d never gotten to try my first centerfire revolver, the Ruger SP101 that I acquired a couple of years back. I’ve cleaned it, dry fired it thousands of times to seat the internal springs and components and gloated over this excellent little wheelgun…but this was my first chance to actually shoot it.

And shoot it I did! Along with my well loved Ruger Mk.II single action autoloader that I’ve owned since the mid-90s, I shot that SP101 till I was almost out of the .38+P and .357 Magnum ammo I brought, a good couple of hundred rounds. The Mark II was a pleasure to shoot as always, with the only problem an occasional failure to fire. I suspect a big part of this was the fact that I haven’t cleaned and lubed the weapon in a long time, and while a gun should never have any fresh oil visibly showing, a recent oil application means enough oil will be in the pores of the metal to assure smoothest operation. Mine was bone-dry, and I’m betting that next time I’ll have far fewer failures. This model also has an aftermarket firing pin I’d like to install, one with a bit larger area on its face to impart energy to the rimfire cartridge’s primer. It has seen ammo before that it just didn’t like, but rimfire guns are notoriously picky about their diet.

The SP101 on the other hand was an absolute joy to shoot. I hadn’t anticipated any real problems, but I am limited to one-handed shooting with my non-dominant hand thanks to MS ruining most of my left hand and arm’s function, and a revolver lacks the slide and springs to soak up the recoil impulse of a selfloader. How pleased I was to find the gun entirely comfortable and controllable to shoot, even with full power .357 Magnum loads! The engineers at Ruger really did a good job here, and my only improvement was the addition of a rubber Hogue Monogrip to replace the factory grips. The rubber soaks up some extra recoil energy by covering the gun’s backstrap, and has added finger grooves for a more comfortable and secure hold. At no point did my hand get sore or tired…I could shoot this little tank all day!

My friend Dan Hagen volunteered to drive us out there, and again it was great to see how low-maintenance I am for anyone acting as my helper. Other than attaching one of the tie-down internal straps in the X-WAV and detaching it at the destination, all he had to do was show up and drive. He’d been wanting some practice himself, so it was a useful bit of car pooling for both of us. I appreciate his effort a lot, he’s been busy with his music and I know his time is valuable, but this was a fine way for both of us to benefit. I’ve plugged him before, but for those who haven’t yet listened to Dan’s musical artistry, if you enjoy jazz please do yourself a kindness and check out his web site and YouTube channel, both listed here in my ‘links’ section…a splendid time is guaranteed to all!

So without further ado, I invite you to have a look at my latest Krip Kam video, Gone Shootin.’ I hope it pleases…see you soon!


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