Maiden Voyage To Kroger…With a Candid Camera Moment!

I’m still doing my seat transferring exercises to make them routine, and I installed a couple of 4″ wide non-slip strips on the driver’s seat floor plate to keep my foot located on the gas and brake pedals. The foot’s working fine, but my weak right leg was annoying me and letting my foot shift. A rather minor annoyance that’s easily compensated for- the aggressive grit of the strips assures that my foot stays in place.

I’ve been out twice now, first this past Thursday with my caregiver Gail to the local Kroger and again Sunday with Dan Hagen to the nearby Stones River shooting range for some long overdue marksmanship practice. It went really well, I thought, and even shooting full power .357 Magnum loads one handed with my Ruger SP101 I was able to keep the holes in the black at about 7 yards. I just uploaded Thursday’s trip to YouTube, and the clips I took out at the range will be made into another vid shortly.

I was reminded that there’s no shortage of thoughtless yutzes in the world, incidentally, on the Thursday expedition. Returning to the Honda after cruising around the store for a bit, I couldn’t miss the sight of some thoughtless person who’d parked her car smack between the front disabled spots at Kroger, blocking me from opening its doors or deploying the ramp. No disabled plates, no disabled hang tag, she just boldly plunked her car on the non-parking space painted with white chevrons that’s supposed to allow room for folks like me to maneuver.

Now, rude as that behavior was, it didn’t justify calling the cops on the hapless driver, I’ve written enough about the potential for armed agents of the State initiating violence in even minor situations, and annoyed though I was I didn’t want to chance her being ransomed, kidnapped, or possibly assaulted or even killed. Nope, I just waited her out, and sure enough after 45 minutes or so she strolled back to her car. I did get a rather surprised look when I asked her to move the heck out of my way so I could finally get going…maybe she’ll think twice before acting so selfishly the next time. The fun confrontation’s recorded for posterity on this new Krip Kam video…hope it’s watchable, I’m certainly having fun!


3 thoughts on “Maiden Voyage To Kroger…With a Candid Camera Moment!

  1. Glenn,
    I AM SO F’ING PROUD OF YOU!!!! I remember the flying field and our many trips to Kroger. You are truly an inspiration and a great friend!!! Now we just have to get you flying again. Learning to fly is on my bucket list however mom said I can only do that after she kicks the bucket (lol) BIG HUGS TO YOU DARLIN!!!!!
    All the best always,

    • Awesome stuff, thank you!

      I really just need to get out in a big empty lot where I don’t have any concerns about obstacles and develop some muscle memory to accommodate my weird limbs. I just watched a vid last night of a quadriplegic driving competently…that fellow almost made me look healthy. These bumps in the road will get ironed out and all’s coming together.

      Richard Bach once said (back in his saner days) that you already know how to fly. As is the case with most people, an instructor’s there to help you remember that.

  2. Hi Glenn,
    all I can say is BRAVO !!!
    We are loving the Krip Kam videos. And congratulations on your new found freedom. It tickles me to see your progress over the last 5 years or so. Your determination and commitment is truly an inspiration to us all. It was great talking to you the other day as well. I can hear the excitement in your voice, about your finally being mobile again. On the “Kroger Incident” …..Some people should be tared and feathered ! Just my opinion.
    As you know, Jean and I are about to embark on a 3400 mile trek back to the east coast. We will be thinking of you with smiles on our faces. We will keep you posted on our progress. I’m sorry we won’t be stopping by, as we are taking the shortest route on this trip due to fuel prices. Looking forward to the next Krip Kam installment ! Take care my friend. We will be in touch.

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