(Pre) Spring Training…With Video!

Whew…just finished composing, burning and uploading my first video using the awesome GoPro camera my good friend Jason sent me this week. Appropriately, I recorded my practice transferring between seats in my recently acquired X-WAV converted Honda Element as I’ve talked about on my Facebook posts and broadcasting. The GoPro, Frame mount and Flex Jaws were the perfect combo to do this easily, with the camera attached both to my power chair as well as places on the vehicle to give different points of view and provide a more effective demonstration of the activity…it’s gratifying to see for myself how richly this action photography method deserves the praise that’s been heaped on it!

This whole process is going to take some time, no doubt about it. Along with rebuilding the muscles needed to perform the task of boarding my X-WAV, I’m continuing to taper off the pain drugs I’ve developed a dependence on over the past several years. Being neither stupid nor reckless, when I get to driving, I will not compromise my own or anyone else’s safety, so I need to take the time to reduce that dependence. Sure, I’m impatient, but this isn’t the time to rush things…too much is at stake.

One factor concerns me a bit: once in the driver’s seat I couldn’t miss that my right foot has a bit less sensitivity than the last time I drove. That means I really need to practice more critical maneuvers in a nice big open space like an empty lot to develop new skills and muscle memory before I venture out on the road, so as you can imagine, I’m itching to get to it!

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy Krip Kam #5…there’ll be more to come soon. I’m already imagining the fun of strapping the GoPro into a model aircraft (please don’t call it a drone, fergodsake) to get some high quality aerial/FPV videos!

Here’s a sample of the GoPro taking aerial footage as I described- I’m so looking forward to doing this myself:

Ain’t that just beyond cool? That’s why I’m aching to do it myself.


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