Welcome to the grand opening of Liberty On Wheels!


About time, I say, too…after the couple of months since my previous blog Get Glenn Mobile! fulfilled its mission of, well, getting me mobile, I’ve closed it and finally begun this one, as promised!

I have a lot to do, getting back out in the world after a near 5 year housebound hiatus being the priority. Dayummm…almost 5 years since I’ve been anywhere near a restaurant…you can bet I plan to fix that fast. I have target shooting to do, model aircraft to fly, and many more things I’ve been missing for years than I could count to catch up on. More significantly, I’ll finally be able to expand my efforts in New Media journalism away from my desk, without having to rely on others’ experiences to gauge the situation. Just in the time I’ve been sidelined, America has become an even darker and more forbidding place than it was when I got stuck here, and it wasn’t looking terribly cheerful even then. It is not the country I grew up in thanks to the efforts of the power mad, venal and hubris filled creeps who at the very least took advantage of the criminal attacks of September 11, 2001 to morph the country into the full blown police state it is today. I don’t claim to have exceptional skill as a writer or interviewer, but at last I can talk to regular people, officials and politicians to get my own take on their roles in the dynamic world that has up until now been derivative of other journalists’ data…and perhaps contribute something of value of my own to try to reverse this awful trend.

It’s not going to be easy. Half a decade has subtly but significantly taken its toll on me and my abilities. Just transferring to the driver’s seat of my X-WAV Honda once I’ve gotten my wheelchair in place will require rebuilding muscles long disused to somewhere near their old level of function so I can do it routinely.

EDIT- It occurs to me that I should add that I have done this already, in case anyone wonders. It felt great to be in the driver’s seat, it’s just that getting in and out wasn’t the funnest thing I’ve tried, hence my comment about needing a lot of practice. It looked easier two springs ago, another example of the insidious nature of disability.

Also, while my general disability-induced loss of walking, standing and balance have been addressed by the vehicle to allow me to board it and of course take it with me, I have to break my dependence on the opiate pain relief drugs I’ve developed over the years, since I’m not stupid or reckless enough to drive while impaired in the least by them. I honestly hadn’t considered these factors over the time I was fundraising through the other blog, but they’re a reality that can’t be ignored now that that part’s done. Mind you, these are minor issues when compared to the daunting task I was looking at in 2011 when I inaugurated the fundraising campaign. Then, I was just another voice online trying to reach a goal that seemed all but unreachable…yet thanks to all of the terrific people who pitched in, it succeeded. That’s a huge confidence- and morale-booster, and the exhilaration I feel as a result is wonderful. No, the remaining obstacles seem fairly trivial by contrast, but I wanted to give an accurate account for the benefit of anyone who might (understandably) think I should be motoring around by now. Have patience with me, please- it took years to get in the place I find myself, and it won’t be resolved as quickly as you or I would like.

I have to say, it feels great to get back to the keyboard. I’ve been falling into a complacent rut recently, and this is the best way to break that cycle I know of. I really want to get back to writing essays for my opinion column at the American Daily Herald too, writing I found mighty rewarding in its ability to reach more people in an effort to promote liberty. I feel ashamed not to have submitted a thing in months to my editors Dennis and Denise Behreandt but have been so distracted by sewing up the acquisition of my needed vehicle that all else fell by the wayside. Mea culpa- if they remember me over at the Herald I mean to get back in the writing saddle again pronto!

Well, the great debacle is over, and I’m back. I think it’s safe to say I’ll be blogging a lot more soon…stay tuned!


5 thoughts on “Welcome to the grand opening of Liberty On Wheels!

  1. Congrats, Glenn. I am an old friend of your mom’s and she told me about this. I have asked her to send her phone number a few times, but so far she has not. Remind her Barb from Reading, PA is waiting. Thanks

    • Hi, Barb, good to hear from you!

      My mom, I fear, is the consummate Luddite. She has as little to do with any technology dated after 1980 as possible, hates cell phones and will not go near a computer…I consider it lucky that she uses the tablet I got her, though all she uses it for is watching Netflix movies and playing the occasional game. LOL…maybe one day she’ll hear me when I tell her the internet is a fabulous tool, especially for physically limited folks like her or the very very disabled like me.

      I see your email addy here so I’ll send her number along to you. I’m glad you’re trying to talk with her, she needs peer contact. Hope you enjoy the blog, I’m not even warmed up yet!


  2. Glenn,
    I must admit, I thought you would be motoring around by now. However, I had not considered how long you have been “down”, and as you know, I am no stranger to muscle atrophy and the necessity for pain medications. I know we are talking apples & oranges here, but I do have a good idea of what you have faced over the last few years. It seems like a few weeks ago that you gifted me the flight sim (Rise of Flight) and had me flying within a few minutes (via the internet) . This was 3+ years ago, and shortly after that, you put your mind to the goal of becoming mobile again !
    Congratulations Sincerely, from Jean & myself. We are both very proud of you, as well as happy that your so close to getting out… To eat, fly, hell, just take a Sunday drive.
    I hope some light (short term) physical therapy will have you hopping from seat to seat with ease. I’m also excited to see some Go Pro footage as you progress. The last footage I remember of one of your outings, was taken from the vantage point of your power wheel chair. A somewhat scary jaunt (in a wheel chair) a few blocks from your house and back. “You’ve come a long way baby !” ; )
    I have no doubt that you will be running down to the local corner store for whatever you have a craving for, and enjoying every minute of it, soon !
    Take care my Friend, hope to talk to you soon.

    • Hey, Pete-
      Glad to hear from ya! I hope you’re liking the new blog’s look, I picked it to look professional while being easy on the eyes.

      I haven’t forgotten ROF at all, but as you see I’ve gone from being consumed with obtaining the vehicle to getting fit to actually use it now that it’s here! This may be a unique place I’ve fetched up in, but I recognize the dilemma from others I’ve dealt with in my life and succeeding will be a matter of jump starting my learning motor to develop a routine to make travel a part of my world again. As you’ve seen, that GoPro takes some fine video and I’ll be documenting my progress as I go.

      I have every incentive to get moving, flying planes, shooting and taking a vacation from the house most pressing, but writing and flying are close in priority, I miss those a bunch.

      As I merge myself with the world, I mean to be a frequent visitor to your ROF site too, precisely when I don’t know, but sooner rather than later, be sure.

      Keep in touch, my best to Jean…I’ll be around!


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